The Mexican Synchrotron Radiation Users Association is pleased to announce the 2012 Mexican Synchrotron Radiation Users’ Meeting (MESYRUM) to be held from 6 to 8 of June 2012, at the Science and Engineering Division of the University of Guanajuato, Campus León.

Synchrotrons are facilities where extremely intense and highly focused beams, are produced. This light is used to study a diversity of materials from metals to soils, plants, biomolecules, human tissue, etc. Academia and industry has taken advantage of these facilities to, for example, create new drugs against diseases, and improve a variety of industrial processes. However, much of this research is done in developed countries and the use of these facilities is not yet widely spread in México.

The first Edition of this meeting gathered 74 researchers with the presence of several international speakers, all of them experts in different synchrotron techniques (see http://indico.nucleares.unam.mx/conferenceDisplay.py?confId=541). As an outcome, a Mexican Users Committee was created with the aim of strengthening the collaboration of users’ community and participating in current and future actions towards the design and eventual construction of a Mexican Synchrotron Facility. Further information on the Mexican Synchrotron Radiation Users’ Association can be found in the official site: http://www.sciencechiapas.net/SRmexusers/index.html .


The main purpose of this Second meeting is to provide Mexican scientists with an opportunity for presenting the results of their research where synchrotron techniques have been used as well as to strengthen collaboration with colleagues in other Institutions in Mexico and overseas. Researchers not using synchrotron techniques are also welcome as this will be an opportunity to identify potential applications in their own investigations and to initiate collaborations. A selected set of revision talks by invited speakers will be presented.


Conference dates June 6-8, 2012

Call for papers February 10, 2012

Registration opens February 17

Registration Deadline May 21

Deadline for submission of abstracts May 28

Official language will be English.

Local Organizing Committee:

Dra. Guadalupe de la Rosa (Depto. Ing. Química, Electrónica y Biomédica, DCI-UG-CL).

Dr. Mauro Napsuciale Mendívil (Depto. de Física, DCI-UG-CL).

Dr. Jesús Bernal Alvarado (Depto. Ing. Física, DCI-UG-CL).

Dr. Juan Carlos Fierro González (Depto. Ing. Química, Instituto Tecnológico de Celaya).

Dr. Gustavo Cruz Jiménez (Depto. de Farmacia, DCNE-UG-CG).

Dr. Teodoro Córdoba (Depto. Ing. Física, DCI-UG-CL).

M.F. Gilberto Daniel Gutiérrez Vázquez (Depto. de Ing. Física, UG-CL)

M.F. Huetzin Pérez Olivas (Depto. de Ing. Física, UG-CL)

National Organizing Committee:

Dra. Guadalupe de la Rosa (Universidad de Guanajuato).

Dr. Marcos Delgado Ríos (Universidad Autónoma de Ciudad Juárez).

Dr. Daniel Hernández Cruz (Universidad Autónoma de Chiapas).

Dr. Enrique Rudiño (UNAM).

Dr. Erick Adrián Juárez-Arellano (Universidad del Papaloapan, Oaxaca).

Dr. José Mustre (Cinvestav- Mérida).